Clean, Recycle, Save. Make ecology

Auray, France

France is a rich country in hydraulic, geothermic and solar energy. So how can these resources be positively put to use to answer direct needs of the inhabitants?

We want to boost projects with strong environmental and maritime potential. Raise everyone’s awareness of the great network of innovation and sharing. My precious plastic, and other low tech, car, boat and surf open source, wind turbine, sonar drone to map the seabed … Today every Fablab near the Atlantics is concerned with the Ocean environment, because of their proximity to the sea. That’s why we invite you in Auray for a giant workshop with mini-conferences anddiscovery of the west coast of France.

Locals Fablabs

Speakers & Panels

International speakers for sharing vision about ecologycal issues.

Emmanuel Gilloz

Emmanuel Gilloz

Xavier Coadic

Xavier Coadic


Patrick Jullien

Patrick Jullien

Fluent in English, French
Charline Lavenu

Charline Lavenu

Fluent in English, French, LSF


Friday 13 July

All day 
* Arrival

* Welcoming drink

* Diner

National French Fireworks

Saturday 14 July

* Workshops & conferences

* Lunch

* Workshops & conferences



* Diner
* Surprise

Sunday 15 July


* Workshops & conferences

* Lunch


* Assessments of actions & works during Fabdistributed Ecology & Solidarity
* Ending Speech
* Presentation of Tourism’s program

* Visit of La FABrique du Loch
* Tourism on Auray and Surrounders


Monday 16 Juillet
* Departure to Toulouse

– Travel Time:
Bus 8 hrs


Conferences ,Meetings and talks

Conference flax & biomaterials
From fiber glass to flax, all the new way to build with less impact.

Biomimétisme + Bio Hacking

Biomimicry is about mimic innovation from nature to solve societal matters.
Biomimicry is a learning process, based and staked out within experimentation and prototyping, questioning ethic, promising an ecology and sustainable ways. Working design, working biology, working code, working architecture, are only a side-effect. We need to learn and share knowledge, practices and documentations. For these conditions, we need a free and open source system.
After 5 years, from Austin to our dear brittany, after organizing 1st Free Open Source Biomimicry Camp In E.U, we lanched last year a programm to tackle human resilient and ecology by the way of hacking and prototyping in order to collaborate on global change, climate warming, biodiversity falling.

Computers batteries 2 life

Give your computer batteries a second life , trasform them into something new.
Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Farmbot France, conference & work shop

FAB14 + Ecology local sponsors

General Information

Use the links below to find more information about visa requirements, hotels, and transports.


* Youth Hotel
* Hotel
* Airbnb
*We also offer a couch surfing if needed (contact us)

We can’t list all of the rules for each country here but there are several useful sites to check – This one to know if you need a visa. / This one to apply for a visa. / This one to check the status of your visa. Although it’s helpful, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information on these sites. If you want to be absolutely sure that you are receiving the correct information please contact your Foreign Office or relevant government institution.

* From Paris to Auray you can use the bus (6.50hrs) or train (Montparnasse) (2.40hrs) We will be at the station to welcome you. 
* From Auray to  your hotel- We are managing this transport for you without any additional cost for you.
* From Auray to Toulouse (Matabiau) we can manage the transport if you need. (We are still preparing documents for you. Please wait or contact-us.)

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